When it comes to web cams, most of us have one already incorporated in our laptop, but if yours is just too poor in terms of quality, then you should start looking for a new one as soon as possible. Luckily, there are many reasons why you should replace your current web cam with an external one and below we’ll tell you why.

Higher quality calls

If you travel a lot or you just want to call your significant other or maybe your friends and parents and video chat with them, getting a much higher quality web cam is highly recommended. Most of the cams these days, especially the top shelf ones have dual microphones, are FHD capable and work at 60 Hz. Better yet, some of them are also capable of 4K video calling. This means that when you make a call, not only will the other side see you in great detail, but the sound quality is going to be amazing as well.

Take high quality pictures

Let’s say that you want to replace your social media picture or maybe zoom on a certain document or book to take a picture of a passage there. While doing so with the phone is possible, you do need to have a high quality phone that has a good camera. Most phones though cannot zoom very well and this is where web cams come into play. You can use your web cam to take really high quality pictures fast and easy.

Stream live

Last but not least, when it comes to using a top shelf web cam, you can also use it for live video streaming. If you’re the type who loves playing games and having people watch you play them, then this is where a high quality web cam comes into play. Just make sure you get a name brand web cam and you’re all set for a full night of high quality and uninterrupted streaming.